Well executed plastering, with well planned details and junctions, contributes greatly to a solid, satisfying feel to the finished result.

Plastering is undeniably a messy job, but after a thorough clean up, the transformation and feeling of progress can give an enormous lift to a project.


45 Degree Walls

These walls at 45 degrees to each other are blended seamlessly in a dubbed out curve and around a structural beam to minimise the attention drawn to unavoidable details.


The underside of this winding staircase had a very complex geometry and was very visible directly above an existing stairs. By careful boxing in and pin sharp plastering we came up with this.

Under Stairs Area

Here, the existing mish-mash of tongue and groove and floppy hardboard was stripped away. Framing and plasterboard created the basic shape then dubbed out curves were added to join it all together smoothly.