Home Selling

We comply with the home selling regulations currently in place and we do not wish to be associated with the high pressure ‘sales types’ who take advantage of the elderly and vulnerable. Never buy from someone who starts off with a ridiculous price for their product, which then comes down further and further as you express your doubts and he has ‘a quick word’ with his boss/ manager. You may start at £ 20,000 and end up at £12,000 feeling like you drive a hard bargain, but you’re probably still looking at an £8000 job, these people are sharks and chancers, deal with them at your peril.

When we give you a quote, it will be based upon as much detail as we can reasonably obtain and priced accordingly. You will then be able to consider it at your leisure and come back to us to ask further questions when you’re  ready. Please see here a copy of our home selling cancellation rights documents.

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