Conservatories come in many shapes and sizes and can be a good solution where an extension in the same position may excessively restrict daylight to the adjacent room.

By incorporating one or two solid walls - perhaps with lighting or other features - into the design, a conservatory can feel cosier and better integrated into the house than would otherwise be the case. Underfloor heating, roof vents, patio door sets, the possibilities are many – let us know what you intend to use the space for and we can help you achieve the best possible result

Conservatory with retro fit solid roof

Sometimes, people find there are times of the year when their conservatory is either too hot or too cold. Here is an example of a conservatory with a retro fit solid roof by Synseal. Fantastically well insulated, crisply plastered to sharp lines internally and with the pleasing appearance of a traditional roof. The necessary cavity trays and step flashing were also fitted to complete the weather protection. When painted white, the making good to the dashed render will be barely noticeable.